This is an optional RPM Front Shock Tower, and is intended for use with the Associated RC10T4, T4.1, GT2 and SC10 trucks. The RPM Front Shock Tower was designed with several goals in mind: Improve the strength and durability, improve crash survivability and help reduce damage to other vital components. The results are everything RPM hoped for! The T-shaped structure of this front shock tower provides serious strength and rigidity, while the top-secret blend of materials used provides unmatched durability.

Although the SC10, T4 & GT2 each have different requirements of the front shock tower; the RPM version integrates all those needs for unmatched support of the shocks on all three trucks while the redesigned front bumper mount base for the SC10 has been strengthened to sustain repeated impacts from the stock front bumper. All this performance and durability is wrapped up in a part that weighs in slightly less than the stock piece it replaces!
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