DHK Hobby Zombie 8E 1/8 Scale Electric Powered 4WD Brushless Monster Truggy RTR. DHK Zombie 8E is a "cousin" to the Maximus and delivers the excitement of 1/8 scale R/C monster truck performance in an affordable, ready-to-run brushless electric model. Designed for bashers and delivering more performance than the price tag would suggest, the Zombie 8E features a fully adjustable suspension, heavy-duty anodized aluminum chassis, aluminum shock towers, heavy-duty metal gears, driveshafts, and more. Adjustable, large-volume aluminum shocks deliver plush handling and absorb the punishment from the toughest terrain. Also included are a feature-rich 2.4 GHz radio system, heavy-duty metal geared steering servo, brushless motor and Hobbywing-manufactured ESC. Capable of speeds over 40MPH using a 3S LiPo for power, the only items required for completion are a 3S LiPo battery, suitable charger, and 4 AA Alkaline batteries for the transmitter.


  • Adjustable wheelbase, multiple shock mounting options
  • Powerful shock protection performance (full metal shock absorbers)
  • Machined steel gears and solid differentials gears
  • Three differentials and four wheel drive system
  • Front universal joint and full ball bearings
  • Light but solid anodized aluminum chassis
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